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admiration sans glorification, a contemplative exercise

reading essays on Trisha Brown i couldn’t help but wonder 😇 is it possible to admire a person and their work ethics without glorifying (always unnecessarily) their genius? this is a general reflection, btw, not a direct comment on the article pictured, which is well written, informative, and inspiringly nuanced. thanks @corihouse for sharing your perspective as eloquently as you did!

if we’re really working to abolish the colonial patriarchy & white supremacy, the only work that will pay off in the long run is detailed, systemic, and movingly critical. replacing male-presenting role models with female-presenting role models is not going to cut it, even though—and i do understand this—instating women, queer folk, bipoc folk, immigrants, first-nations folk, and young folk (amongst other) into existing positions of power is an essential step, if ever there was one.

okay, i see it now, i’m thinking about two different things: one is representation and diversity and equality in the context of political action; the other is celebrating role models and elders whose existing practices have already made a little bit of a difference.

the second context is the one in which i’m asking my question, is it possible to admire without glorifying? what’s at stake, after all, is contradiction. i’d like to live in a world that is able to know that every example is flawed, every practice complex, every person’s work more than “genius.”

just a thought on this glorious monday.

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