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CRIP.journal collects, discuss and acts on the critical mass of c.off’s artistic and discursive art projects in the format of a digital publication. CRIP.journal forms a place where mutual learning processes are conducted, and artistic labor is processed. As a reader you are invited to participate in this ongoing dialogue.

Contributing writers: Madeleine Lindh, Marcus Doverud, Elin Grelsson Almestad, pavleheidler, Izabella Borzecka
Publisher: Izabella Borzecka / c.off
Editors: Izabella Borzecka, Elin Grelsson Almestad
Graphic Design: Eleonora Bergendal / La strada studio

The majority of texts are written in Swedish.

“I started writing Against Inconsistency in the attempt to explain to myself an aspect of the professional world of dance and choreography that (still) makes no sense to me in the way the behaviour of so-called reasonable and/or successful adults can make no sense to a young person whose optimism and informed criticism (still) keep the pressure of conformity at bay. Upon completion, I am reading this essay and realising that the one question the writing is driven by but leaves unsaid is: What motivates artists, especially the young ones, to make conservative decisions? I suppose you could say that I am still coming to terms with the fact that it never occurred to me that the world of artists and creative individuals wouldn’t be inhabited by a majority of (hardcore) activists, forward-thinkers, feminists, queer persons, and persons devoted to the cause of pushing the envelope in every possible direction, at all times, no compromise.

Rebecca Solnit writes: “The sleeping giant is one name for the public; when it wakes up, when we wake up, we are no longer only the public: we are civil society, the superpower whose nonviolent means are sometimes, for a shining moment, more powerful than violence, more powerful than regimes and armies. We write history with our feet and with our presence and our collective voice and vision. And yet, and of course, everything in the mainstream media suggests that popular resistance is ridiculous, pointless, or criminal, unless it is far away, was long ago, or, ideally, both. These are the forces that prefer the giant remain asleep.” (Solnit, 2015)

Against Inconsistency is the first attempt in a becoming series of writings that continue in this path: calling peers to action, especially the young ones. Never underestimate the motivation to ask questions and always continue putting up non-violent resistance. Because, being artists dealing with experiment, dealing with collaboration, dealing with the body: we have the opportunity to contribute much needed experience-informed knowledge to the ever-growing movement towards social justice and change.”

pavleheidler, sept 2019