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The first episode of the TOGETHER ALONE PODCAST starts with an attempt to capture the aim of this obviously very experimental podcast. Except that it doesn’t. The episode starts with an awkward “hello” in which I had a hard time giving my focus exclusively to human beings. Saying hello, I was suddenly very aware of the fact that us humans tend to never be alone. Consider this: apart from keeping friends, and pets, we have established a more or less symbiotic relationships with a plethora of organisms that live in our digestive system, our eyelashes, in our blood, etc.

The bulk of the episode is focused on the Swedish-based choreographer and dance-artist Mira Mutka and the work she’s been doing on the notion and the practice of slowness.

You can find out more about Mira and her work here: https://miramutka.com.

***music score by Sunna Ardal and Josef Ask***