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The wish to host an event, the likes of which was finally going to materialise in the form of Dance Concerts, first came to me many years ago, when I learned of The Judson Church. The prospect of organising a series of events in which dancers and choreographers came together with the public in order to share the most vulnerable and the most every-day, which is the working, excited me beyond compare.

Being a professional artist, I am in awe of the many exciting and informative situations that occur behind closed doors – in rehearsal – and so remain invisible to the public eye. To share these, to place the awareness on the small and the insignificant in public, I think, works to enrich the relationship between the artist and the public; but also challenges the standards of value that are most commonly seen in public and the media today. In that regard, Dance Concerts are not only a collection of singular events, but an artistic project in its own right, meant to reflect on the kind of content that is commonly today available by offering an alternative.

During the season 2016-2017, Dance Concerts – organised in collaboration with SITE Sweden – featured the work of 29 national and international artists, and welcomed hundreds of members of the public to the gatherings. Dance Concerts consisted of artists’ working witnessed by the public, of moderated conversation and debate around the topics relating to the artists’ working and thinking, and of causal social activity where artists and the public met in the private arena.

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