one of the primary ways in which i orient as a professional is according to whom i struck a collaboration with. because that's what's interesting, isn't it? that we're driven to spend time with other humans and that we're driven to commit to spending that time.

the way i see it, the work that is made in the context of a collaboration is primarily a document of an experience. it is also conditioned by the people who are in the relationship: our interests, our capacities, and what we inspire in each other, what we bring out of each other.

in time, i am hoping to have a story written about each of the collaborations. i imagine these stories written in the style of lore; i want them to help me remember who invited whom to do what, and why. and i want them to help me remember who knew whom and how. and i want them to help me acknowledge whom cared about what and how they expressed their care at a certain time.


what i am hoping to be able to see one day is just how much it takes for the simplest of things to occur. in other words, i am hoping to gather evidence that will support my hypothesis; that radical visionary work can only ever be the result of speculative critical study, and not of anticipatory premeditated working.




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