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in residence at Konstnärsnämnden with Alys Longley. picking the work up from where Skye Reynolds and I left it. 


Alys and I will look at the activity that is transforming the virtual into the material. here's an excerpt from my application to Konstnärsnämnden:

What decides green from blue? is a metaphor with which I am trying to target a hypothesis: that a stereotype–e.g. “Dancing expresses things that cannot be expressed in language.”–has been preventing dance artists from developing deep & critical understandings of the practice of dancing, and the language with which to communicate how knowledge developed within the framework of dance studies is relevant in always contemporary (and especially: today’s) socio-economic climate; particularly informative to organising movements towards social justice and change.

My aim is to start with the premise that language can, in fact, express what dancing can express, albeit in different ways. The question is: how do these ways differ? Methodologically, for example. What is similar between the experience of deciding “to arabesque” (in dancing) and the experience of deciding “green from blue” (in writing or drawing)? There is also the question of aesthetic value and legibility (culturally speaking) which I’d like to examine: who can recognise an arabesque from a leg raised behind one’s back, and how does that (awareness? sensitivity?) influence the dancer’s choice-making?

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the internet

the 2020 IDOCDE residency and symposium

september 6

Bucharest, RO

speaking on UTOPIA at the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival.

september 2021

London, UK

The Physical Consequence to Knowing at Mapping Dance and Dance Teaching: Past(s), Present and Future(s) conference at University of Roehampton

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Studying and teaching speaking multimedially in the face of a culture of oppression, aggression, and false scarcity. Catered to dancers, queers, artists, and activists across the board.