pavleheidler (they/them) has been dancing-performing, studying, writing, and teaching dancing professionally since early teenage-hood; inevitably considering their varied engagements with the field of experimental dancing and choreography–where choreography is understood to be an expanded practice–as opportunities to continue studying the notion and the practice of (0) embodiment, (1) expression, (2) performativity, (3) relationality, and (4) successful communication. 


Their preferred method of engagement is (radical) collaboration. 

Their approach to (radical) collaboration is one that is not meant to sustain “flat non-hierarchies,” and is meant to affirm “power relations as inescapable, but negotiable, i.e., re-definable as socially-sensitive and fluid forms.” Time is, obviously, of essence. And in that it is a matter of form, fluid is understood as a structural element.

They are interested in nourishing long-term relationships and amongst other things argue disagreement a form of agreement.

pavleheidler studied at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, graduated from the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in 2012, and took their MFA degree in Choreography-specialisation-Performance from the University of Dance and Circus at the Stockholm University of the Arts in 2015. 

They are currently studying Body-Mind Centering® with Embody-Move, UK.

In recent years they’ve been nourishing collaborative relationships with Cristina Caprioli (CCAP), Madeleine Lindh, Anja Arnquist, Louise Permig, Philip Berlin, Ulrika Berg, Louise Dahl, Hana Erdman, and others; with Silvia Marchig (KIK Melone), Sonja Pregrad and Marko Gutić Mižimakov; with the WELD Company; with Ilse Ghekiere; with Manon Santkin; with Mira Mutka; with Skye Reynolds; and TOGETHER ALONE

pavleheidler is the recipient of the 2018 International Choreographer’s Stipend awarded annually to a Swedish dance artist by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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Studying and teaching speaking multimedially in the face of a culture of oppression, aggression, and real but false scarcity. Catered to dancers, queers, artists, and activists across the board.