i have been dancing-performing, studying, writing, and teaching dancing professionally since early teenage-hood; inevitably considering my varied engagements with the field of experimental dancing and choreography–where choreography is understood to be an expanded practice–as opportunities to continue studying the notion and the practice of (0) embodiment, (1) expression, (2) performativity, (3) relationality, and (4) successful communication.

self-portrait 2021 © pavleheidler

i like to say that i am a word and movement artist, an educator, and an amateur scholar working in the expanding field of queer critical practice.


my preferred method of engagement is (radical) collaboration. 

my approach to (radical) collaboration is one that is not meant to sustain “flat non-hierarchies,” but is meant to affirm “power relations as inescapable, but negotiable, i.e., re-definable as socially-sensitive and fluid forms.” time is, obviously, of essence. and in that it is a matter of form, fluid is understood as a structural element.

i am committed to exploring the notion and the practice of long-term relationship relative to knowledge production and sensitisation and community building. i think long-term relationships have a way of teaching us how it is possible to instrumentalise time so as to be able to gain working perspective on complexity and contradiction.

since the beginning of the pandemic, i’ve mostly engaged in intimate professional relationships with single individuals one at a time, exploring the notion of mediated dancing: dancing writing, dancing drawing, dancing speaking, dancing video-chatting, dancing dreaming; incl. dancing disappointment and dancing hope. i’ve self-published several books and co-organised a number of  online gatherings in celebration of this topic. you can find all those linked to this website.

thanks for passing by!



pavleheidler studied at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, graduated from the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in 2012, and took their MFA degree in Choreography-specialisation-Performance from the University of Dance and Circus at the Stockholm University of the Arts in 2015. 

They are currently studying Body-Mind Centering® with Embody-Move, UK.

pavleheidler is the recipient of the 2018 International Choreographer’s Stipend awarded annually to a Swedish dance artist by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.