TOGETHER ALONE is not a name of ‘an institution’ or ‘a legal entity.’ TOGETHER ALONE is not a collective. TOGETHER ALONE is a way of being together alone, whenever possible. 

TOGETHER ALONE is a primarily creative and a collaborative practice informed by the volatile and developing agreement that defines the relationship between Ilse Ghekiere, Mira Mutka, Samuel Draper, Manon Santkin, Eleanor Campbell, Matilda Lidberg, Roos van Berkel, Deirdre Morris, Skye Reynolds, and pavleheidler.

This agreement continually re-articulates what must always become a supporting structure called between an always changing number of autonomous individuals brought together by their shared interest in THE CELESTIAL BODY SERIES and other research-projects and events initiated by pavleheidler, such are Dance Concerts. 


Dance Concerts are articulated around the effort to extend the principles of collaboration TOGETHER ALONE is developing internally in the way that supports developing work of other artists, colleagues, and friends, i.e. externally.

TOGETHER ALONE is working on a series of self-reflective, norm-critical, non-exclusive, and non-judgemental creative practices and works of art that engage in critical thinking of form and/or construct, in order to expose what form or construct hide or otherwise make non-recognisable.

THE CELESTIAL BODY SERIES currently includes The Sun Practices, The Moon Practice, The Cosmic Dust Practice, and The Earth Practice.

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Studying and teaching speaking multimedially in the face of a culture of oppression, aggression, and false scarcity. Catered to dancers, queers, artists, and activists across the board.